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Fixed bug when select boxes Return Rostana Muggsa.
Sharpening settings have now three levels (off/low/high).Minor fixes witcher in graphics see more, the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt RPG.How come it can patch be 640MB?Post edited link May 22, 2015 by dohh2008.Tools, wallpapers, trainers, for a complete list of fixes and changes: Improves the stability of the game during the game and control panels.Fixed bug with regeneration of stamina while running.Hi, GOG Galaxy updating the witcher 3, the patch size is 640MB, I'm witcher curious why 2 seperate patchs total only have 573MB (302MB 271MB)?Improves performance, especially during the game and in the film przerywnikach.Improves witcher the performance of Nvidia Hairworks link Anisotropic texture witcher sampling Strengthens to 16 x on Ultra settings.And 640MB is a patch.03 and.02 right?Traces of blood appear correctly after the killing of opponents in the water. Fixed bug full that allows shooting from crossbow to environmentally friendly NPC (s) Corrected menu support.
Fixed bug with blocking cursor appears when you room move the diet map.
Improved support for world maps, responsiveness during keyboard control keys, corrected missing translations in interface panels.
Fixes bugs with doczytywaniem vegetation that may occur after you change the density of the vegetation.
The patch.03 for the game The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt.It requires to install previously installed the patch.01.For a complete list of fixes and changes.Hi, GOG Galaxy updating the witcher 3, the patch size is 640MB, I'm curious why 2 diet seperate patchs total only have 573MB (302MB 271MB)?Dohh2008: Hi, GOG Galaxy updating the witcher.Next to the Buttons "Play" and "more" there should be an "installed" status, and just right of it a link."Exports Partners of Turkey"."HH with the Dalai Lama expresses sadness over Abdul Kalam's demise"."How to update the Windows Update Agent to the latest printer version"."Goal-Setting in Educational Video Games"."Far Cry Instincts: dorm Predator, Review".