Check that the whirlpool cold tap is turned on and check when the machine fills for the wash cycle and see if whirlpool it is taking hot or cold water.
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You will need to replace the timer.
During the normal cycle the timer control knob.Answered on Jan 18, 2016 1 Answer I load washer it starts the wash cycle it goes through wash cycle fine drains water ultimate but does not collect water for rinse cycle it just idles.Answered on Dec 14, 2017 6 Answers, whirlpool Ultimate Care HD Plus Model #LSR8233EQ0 won't agitate or spin.Damaged to the switch caused by slamming the washer lid closed or damage to the switchs internal connectors gold can whirlpool keep the washer from washing your clothes.If timer doesn't move through entire cycle, timer is bad.Have you cleaned the water filter out and checked the waste hose first?I researched it a ultimate few care weeks ago.It sounds like the coupling between the motor and gearbox has worn out.The service manual would be the best route if you are planning on repairing this yourself.(Extra rinse switch not on).Popular Products Top Whirlpool Washing Machines Experts Marvin Level 9 Answers Are you a Whirlpool Washing Machine Expert?When you shut the lid on the washer, a tab on the lid pushes down the switch to let the washer know it can fill with water, agitate and spin.The machine fills with water and agitates but, when it gets to the spin cycle it stops. Does unit have a reset button?
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Sounds like a lid switch problem.
A local spares store should have the valve you need.By closing this banner, you agree to the use of cookies.Answered manual on Sep 09, 2017 1 Answer, whirlpool printer top loader washer ultimate care 2 quiet.Print, print output page 1, rename the bookmark, delete from my manuals?So I turn knob to spin and diet it spins until done.Answered on Feb 04, 2018 1 Answer, i keep getting a 17755 error code whirlpool on vag com.Use a magnetized-tip Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws so you can lift the screws from the channels.Answered on Mar 09, 2017 3 Answers I have an lsq9010 and it won't spin, it just makes Hi, The problem might be motor is short circuited kindly replace the motor to solve your problem Whirlpool.The screws set in channels at in the ends of the panel.