uniden bearcat bc560xlt scanner manual

Whats in the bearcat Box, bCT15X Scanner, AC Adapter, scanner Vehicle Accessory Power Cord, Three-Wire Harness, Mounting Bracket/Hardware, Antenna, Serial Programming Cable, Operating Manual on CD-ROM, Documentation.
Specs, unidens BCT15X bearcat is an advanced, GPS-enabled scanner that comes equipped with room for up to 9000 channels and Uniden exclusive features like Advanced Dynamic Memory System, Close Call RF Capture Technology, and GPS compatibility.Uniden currently charges a flat rate of 54 for scanner repairs.Scraping the circuit board between the two pins with an X-Acto knife fixed the problem.One way to roughly estimate a radio's age is to examine the 4 digit date codes often stamped on the integrated scanner bearcat circuits.4700 Amon Carter Blvd.When the problem occurred, the frequencies on some channels would be completely changed.Soldering the lead on both sides of the board solved the memory loss scanner problem. For example, "P8422" para denotes the radio was made in the Puerto Rico factory during the 22nd week of 1984.
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One of the secondary leads from the power transformer was connected to the main circuit board through a hole drilled through foil traces on both the top and bottom sides of the board.
Location-Based scanning automatically selects programmed systems based on your location when connected to a compatible winunisoft GPS receiver.
I replaced the 22 uF capacitor in the switching power supply stage of a BC210XL which caused the same symptom.
Jim Craig replaced a 22uF/35V C98 capacitor to repair his BC210XW.
If your scanner is completely dead, check the primary of this transformer for an open circuit condition.S.A.M.E., aka Specific Area para Message Encoding, weather alerts are uniden supported.This condition is symptomatic of a power supply problem in which Q204, a Texas Instruments TIP-29 located on the feature circuit board, fails.New price 2005 in the US: 208.95.You can't view winunisoft like Java and flash things though.Much time was spent tracing logic, heating and cooling components, and making voltage measurements.I surmise you'd have to download them and I'm not sure if you can.

On other channels, the frequency would still be intact, but the channel would be locked out, and the delay toggled from "on" to "off".
It's a 220 uF 10v electrolytic, located on the component side of the main board, connected from pin 8 of the audio IC (IC2 NJM386SL) to ground.
What he uniden bearcat bc560xlt scanner manual did was compare voltages to a second working BC140.