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Course and distance sail'd South 74 degrees West, 54 Miles; Longitude made from Cape West 5 degrees 55 minutes East.
A steady Trade and fair weather.
Found the Variation to cook be 5 degrees 24 minutes West.Banks and his Party not returning this users Evening as I expected, gave me great uneasiness, as they were not prepared for Staying out the Night.The North-East entrance of this passage or Strait lies in the Latitude of 10 degrees 27 minutes South, and in the Longitude of 218 degrees 36 added minutes West from the Meridian of Greenwich.* As before mentioned, this longitude is over a degree in error.We intend to requite the confidence this man seems to put in us by treating users him with all imaginable kindness.In the night died.The only wood for fuel users cook upon the whole Island is fruit Trees, and these must be purchased of the Natives, if you mean to keep on good Terms with them.Wind variable; course South 53 degrees West; distance 17 miles; latitude 11 degrees 53 minutes North, longitude 22 degrees 33 minutes West; at noon, Bonavista, South-East point, North 2 degrees East, 82 leagues.Saw a dark brown bird as big as a Raven; it is a Sea Fowl, and are seen in great Numbers about the Faulkland Islands, as I am told.This hangs over their Shoulders down behind and before, and is tied round their waist with a long piece of thin Cloth, and being open at the sides gives free liberty to their arms.At Noon we were in the Latitude of 44 degrees 47 minutes, having run only 12 innocent Leagues upon a North-East 1/4 North Course since Yesterday at Noon; Longitude made from Cape West 1 degree 3 minutes East.Within these rocks is the Cove, where we cut wood and fill'd our Water.Nevertheless, Cook's judgment enabled him to inaugurate friendly relations in most places where he stopped long enough to enable the natives to become acquainted with the strangers.First part, little wind and cloudy; the remainder, little wind and very Variable; unsettled weather, with some rain.Moderate and fair weather; at.m.Sunday, January 1st, 1769. Wind West; course North; distance 95 miles; latitude 25 degrees 44 minutes South, longitude 129 degrees 28 minutes West.
Wind North-North-East; course North 50 degrees 15 minutes West; distance 92 miles; latitude 9 degrees 41 minutes North, longitude 28 degrees 30 minutes West.
People will hardly admit of an excuse for a Man leaving a Coast unexplored he has once discovered.
The town of Helensville stands on one of its arms.) In order to see more of this place we kept on our Course gold until 11 o'Clock when we were not above 3 Leagues from goodgame it, and then code found that it was neither a Bay nor.
The man who resides upon this Island in behalf of the Dutch East India Company is a German by birth.
The only fact known is that in May 1755, when Cook was twenty-seven years of age, and mate of a vessel of Messrs.
At Noon was in the Latitude of 41 degrees 6 minutes South, distant from the Shore 1 1/2 Leagues; a remarkable hillock Castle Point.) which stands close to the Sea, bore North 1/2 East, distance 4 Leagues.
He cheat had received on board at Tahiti a native, one Tupia, formerly the high priest, and a man of much intelligence.One would think from this that we must have had a Current setting to the Eastward, which is not likely that it should set cracked against the settled trade wind.Winds variable between the North and West.Saw likewise some black Sheerwaters and Several Man-of-War birds.Gore says that they are in great game plenty at Port Egmont in Faulklands Islands, and for that reason calls them Port Egmont Hens.At 8 the Dodman Point West-North-West, distant 4 or 5 Leagues; at.m.Wind Westerly; course South 2 degrees East; distance 92 miles; latitude 45 degrees 17 minutes South, longitude 61 degrees 7 minutes 45 seconds West.Green having furnished them with Instruments to observe the Transit of Venus, that we may have the better Chance of succeeding should the day prove unfavourable; but in this We were so fortunate that the observations were everywhere attended with every favourable Circumstance.The farthest point of the Main bore North 67 degrees West, distant 22 Miles; but we could see several Islands to the Northward of this direction.* The easternmost of the Northumberland Islands.) At 9 o'Clock we were abreast of the above point, which I named.First part light Airs and Cloudy weather, the remainder a Moderate Breeze and Cloudy.Little wind and Cloudy the most part of this day.To all appearances their first design was to attack us, being all Completely Arm'd in their way; however, this they never attempted, but after Parading about the Ship near 3 Hours, sometimes trading with us, and at other times Tricking of us, they dispersed; but.He gives a full description of the measures adopted, and while giving full acknowledgment to the anti-scorbutics with which he was supplied, he is of opinion that the general sanitary completo precautions formed the best prevention.However, I resolv'd to risque all, and heave her off in case it was practical, and accordingly turn'd as many hands to the Capstan and Windlass licence as could be spared from the Pumps; and about 20 Minutes past 10 o'Clock the Ship floated, and.