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For 495, a couple gets a private, hour-long flight.
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Flamingo Air now also has a flight school and trains aircraft dispatchers and professional drone operators.
He co-founded AU Prime Thinkers math club at Algoma University, and also enjoys snowboarding and listening to music.President and CEO David MacDonald, who introduces himself as MacDonald: like Old MacDonald had a farm, had owned a large security firm.His interests are onet partial crack differential equations and complex analysis.They all came at it from the mile high club angle, and it didnt work.But MacDonald would not be talked down.It describes its flights as romantic flights or flights of fancy.But romantic flights are what David MacDonald is known quest for, and theyre a hell of a marketing opportunity.Challenging our remote expectation that men would clamor for this, MacDonald says that it is almost always women who calls to book a flight, and they take it very seriously, and theyre all about the romance.Want to write for Priceonomics?He uses the term mile high club on his website, and his slogan is What happens over Vegas, stays in Vegas.