This unit records.5x speed; it takes a simpleflix while to burn a disk, and when you add in the finalization time, you can see why the supplied DC power connector is a godsend.
Also, its not as slick as the recently reviewed SD card-based high-def.
Id attribute this digital to the less-than-robust 680K CCD imager.Try to shake it, fail, try to stick your arm up the slot, fail, and as a last slick resort put your money in, tell the machine what you want, manual and enjoy your snack.It worked slick fairly well.The manual battery fits on the back and its not too obtrusive.Not only is it one of simpleflix simpleflix those combo manuals for more than one product, its in three languages; talk about intimidating. 2007, hitachi DVD camcorders (hybrid or not) handle a variety of fire disk formats including DVD-RAM, DVD-R/-RW and dvdrw.
Even with all the popcap flaws, I have to give Hitachi some praise for track game designing this hybrid.
Now, for the 599 question: How was the video quality?
I say ridiculous because the image at crack such severe digital zooms is a pixilated mess; this holds loader true for any manufacturer.Lets check it out.You can record video to either the 8GB HDD or a blank DVD and take photos on the SD card.The footage I shot at Shea Stadium was fairly accurate, although the colors were not as rich and as saturated as Id like.What fast was very noticeable was the amount of camera shake, especially with the maximum telephoto setting (which I needed, since I was in a semi-nosebleed seat).Other manufacturers make the LCD screen the focal point for handling menu changes.The amount of digital noise wasnt very noticeable on my computer monitor, and even on my hdtv, it was much better than other single CCD DVD cams Ive used in the past.I dont know many people who would be impressed that youre using a camcorder that can handle a variety of DVDs.

After charging the battery, it was time to take this Hybrid for a drive.
On the rear, youll find a pull-out color viewfinder with diopter control, the disc eject button, slick simpleflix digital camcorder manual and the main mode dial.