This is my research for that (a year old now Kona Project 2: 60-70, ugly?, eyelets, crown hole, no disc tabs, triple butted 440mm, 1040g/813g (disc tabbed/not?) disc tabbed px p?ID87429 rock ml 96 IRD 440mm, 40mm rake, black, unicrown, 907g, eyelets,.116 Prod for Soma.
Sektor, Recon, 30 Gold, 30 Silver.
Wikipedia shows the shox Mag 21 as having both 48 and 60mm shox of travel, but the overall length might be more helpful.
Assembly : reverse of disassembly, but make sure you get the bushing order right - the larger diameter bushing goes higher up the stanchion; use rock a quality 5wt fork oil to refil shox the damper, oil heights can be found in the Mag21 user manual.Vicious and Salsa rock are the only two currently available that (I know of that) are the correct lenght 425mm (or so)." "Surly 1x1 100mm for is 453mm long which would rock make the HT angle about 1 degree more slack, one set of eyelets, rim brake.Sektor/Recon/XC32 Solo Air Service Manual, sektor/Recon/XC32 Solo Air Service Manual, service Manual - Pike Lower Leg Replacement Rev.XC 28 XC 30, specialized Stumpjumper HT Comp Carbon 14 User Manual.Last edited by Medic Zero; at 06:23.Sign in, available only to authorized users, add this document to saved.Alternatively, if shox you're getting too much initial stiction and can't bottom the fork out then then drop the oil level and air pressure. Specs show the laptop read fork I replaced to cracked have 60mm of travel, I kind of guessed that I wanted games a 440mm fork to replace that as I was having a hard time measuring it and figured that it'd mellow the backhoe handling if it was a little.
My daughter uses this Mag 21 on her 24" full suspension mountain bike.
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I zeroed in on 440mm forks fairly early in my research, so there may be other shorter forks out there.Set the air pressure so you don't harshly bottom out of the largest obstacle in your normal ride.If the fork feels under-damped then go a heavier weight oil or vice-versa.Recon Silver, sektor Technical Manual Present BoXXer RC, boxxer RC, sektor Recon XC32 Rev games A manual as pdf 2015-Present BoXXer Team.There is a huge gap between the fork crown and the tire now though, parameters I think I'm challenge going to have to fabricate a hanger for her front fender to get it down to near the tire!