rap game crack game rap genius

When they say it was wack.
Behavin' shadier game than Wes Craven, and you game ain't even gotta pay.With a gat that's bigger, then Godzilla's back nigga, you game are game not real and in fact.You ready to sell your soul.Doloris Tucker slut to suck a dick.This rap genius game, this rap game game, I ain't sell'in my soul for this rap game, Now I ain't digg'in no hole for this rap game, But I'm tellin ya no it ain't happenin.Cant tell me shit about the tricks of this trade.I'mma disrupted nigga, you made game me crazy, you should've slain me as a baby, game behavin' shadier than Wes Craven. And you ain't even gotta game pay me, i take pleasure of layin' a nigga down daily, you face me, punk it's over, you'll faint fast, i've never f*cked up to where, i can't whoop ya ass.
Lights out bitch, adios, goodnight (pow).
So I aint gotta rap, but im thankful for that dont mistaken me black, or u be stankin in back of a fuckin caddillac.
You ready to sell your soul?
Take away my gun, I'm gonna tuck some other shit.
I blow your two ears off the atless, With a gat thats bigger then godzilla back nigga, You are not will'in, in fact, your through to ya factered?
Believe me, you see my pistol and three dead, No time to call the peace treaty, Dial 911 cause you need the., Police to help you, believe me, I haft to tunnel from the side walk and piss on the curve, This is obserde, these.
You ready to sell your soul, gheh-gheh-gheh 'The Rap Game'.motherfucker, swifty, i'm a disruptive nigger, you made me crazy.Eminem, i'ma get snuffed, cause I ain't said enough to pipe down.The rap game, Hip hop 101, The hardest 9 ta crack 5 you will ever have, You can't learn this shit in no game history book, You ready to rap motherfucker, You ready to sell your soul, Ha, ha, ha, ha, The rap game motherfucker.I walk in the party and just start bustin, Right after I hear the last verse of self destruction, This liquer makes me wanna blast the chrome, To let you know that time without morse dangerom?Hahaha, the rap game will f*ck you.Doloris Tucker slut to suck a dick Motherfucker, duck, what the fuck, son of a bitch Take away my gun and I'm a tuck some other shit Can't tell genius me shit about the tricks of this trade Switch blade with game a 'lil switch game to switch.And flip whatever ain't tied genius down upside down.You ready to rap mothafucker?Now game put that in your little pipe and bite down.Now put that in your little pipe and whipe down, Think for a minute cause the hype had died down, That I wont go up in the oval office right now, And flip whatever ain't tied down upside down, I'm all for america, fuck the.