To charge them, four batteries must be inserted.
MH-C490F, stealth 2 Hour / 9 Volt / 4 Bank Charger.Download: MH-C204W Manual (English mH-C204W powerex Manual (French thank you for powerex purchasing the mh-cw Powerex MH-C204W 1-Hour Worldwide Travel Conditioning Charger.It is normal for certain banks to finish faster or slower than others.Note: when operating the charger outside mh-cw of its intended region of use, a plug changer may user be required to properly connect to the outlet.The battery conditioning feature rejuvenates batteries that were previously ready to be relegated to the recycle bin, whipping them manual back into shape so they can perform well again.When charging is completed, the indicators will turn green and the batteries are ready for use.Conditioning is composed of two phases: Discharge: Indicated by flashing yellow light. Group batteries with capacity activation within about /- 5 of the rated capacity.
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Topoff Charging Current: 100mA, maintenance Charging * Always ensure that the batteries can accept the programmed rates.
Microprocessor: Two independent circuits, universal capable of charging batteries simultaneously.
To reduce the risk of damage crack to the AC powerex power adapter, always pull windows by connector.
For a 2700mAh battery,.1C would.mAh which equals 270mA.
Place the batteries into the charger.Suitable for AA battery 2000mAh AAA 700mAh.Charging too windows fast may damage the battery.You may put 1 to 4 batteries in the charger.One hour quick charge.Do not use one-hour quick charge mode (activated when pipe only two batteries are inserted) on AA batteries rated under 2000mAh and AAA batteries under 700mAh.AA Batteries must be able to accept.0A rapid charge current.To reduce the risk of damage to the AC cord, always pull by connector rather than the cord.Digitally displays capacity, voltage, time and current.

Battery Forming New powerex mh-c204w user manual batteries and those stored for extended period become chemically deactivated.
The charger does not require an external power adapter, as it has a universal power adapter built.