Shell execute mode support driver for RunOnSuccess, RunOnError, and AfterPrintProgram.
Support for attaching files inside the PDF document.
Color model setting to force RBB, cmyk, or Grayscale.Enhanced special character support in PDF passwords.Option dialog now supports running programs on success and error.(0) Improved quality vista and file print size in superimpose operations.Requires latest gslite.64 or full Ghostscript.64 or later.New feature: Create linearized PDF files for optimized vista web viewing.Being able to create a PDF file of a document makes electronic distribution easy and eliminates any compatibility issues people might have with print other file formats.Optimize Adobe PDF output, select from multiple quality settings for text and graphics to optimize PDF output for your intended purpose, print such as cmyk compliant output, ICC profiled output.This enables you to select between sets of preconfigured driver settings when you create your PDF documents. GUI now officina supports creation of image formats.
Print PDF Features, manuale create PDF files using Bolt as your printer.
The printer has been localized to Portuguese (Brazil).
Fix for Korean Unicode license decoding.
(8) Support for file systems without support for.3 representation of long file names.
New setting watermarkverticalposition is now supported.
New setting watermarkoutlinewidth is now supported.
Fix: Reads Author, CreationDate, Creator, Keywords, ModDate, Subject, Target and Title form.Compatibility with Ghostscript.27.Support for debug mode in husqvarna print monitor.New printer driver (PPD file) More paper types supported (Letter, Ledger, Legal, A3, A4, A5, 11x17, Note, A2, A6, LetterSmall, A0, A1, A4Small, deere A7, A8, A9, A10, ISO deere B0, ISO B1, ISO B2, ISO B3, ISO B4, ISO B5, ISO B6, JIS B0, JIS.Will hold settings for a printer named Mypdfcreator.Better cleanup during uninstall.If mixer Scripting is not available then all VB Script macros will result in an empty string.Advanced customization feature where you can replace the GUI with your own executable file made in your favorite programming language.Other translations were updated.Added support for both 32-bit and 64-bit GPL.New AfterPrintProgram setting in configuration files.Advanced diablo printer setting 'ICM Method' now defaults to 'ICM Disabled'.