Fixed minimap to civilization civilization display correctly when the world's aspect ratio civilization is something other than 1:1.
patch Editor: Added zoom level to status bar.Editor: civilization Added colonies to tile properties.Circular leader heads used patch in civ3 patch are no longer hardcoded.Apply the the official Civilization 3: Conquests.20 Patch.Editor: Enabled Add/Delete buttons for Civilization Advances. Txt though this is currently only used for loading tech icons.
Fixed a bug that edition caused old saves to appear to have blaupunkt modified rules.
Note that City Names and Number of Units both default to ON while Tile Owners defaults to OFF.
Editor: Added some restrictions to randomly-generated starting locations picture (can't be placed on goody huts, barbarian camps, cities, units, or patch colonies).
Corrected Resistance Civilopedia civilization chapter to reflect resisting citizens do not consume food.File Archive.6 MB - MegaTrainer driver XL File Archive.6 MB - MegaTrainer XL File Archive.6 MB - MegaTrainer XL File Archive.3 MB - MegaTrainer XL File Archive.3 MB - MegaTrainer XL File Archive.3 MB - MegaTrainer XL File Archive.3.Editor: Fixed a bug where Scenario Properties were not always cleared when loading a new scenario.Editor: Fixed occasional crash caused by Restore keyboard Default understanding Rules and Clear Rules options.Fixed crash that occurred when there are not enough starting locations to play a game.Restricted roads/railroads from being built on terrain that has no road bonus.Corrected Nuclear Plant output on Plants Game Concept Civilopedia entry.Editor: Fixed some bugs with the redistribution options.Updated code for loading citizen icons to synchronize it with the number of citizen types in the BIC file.Editor: Optimized rules property sheet for speed.Fixed bug which caused one's own units to attack one's workers.File Archive 61 KB File Archive.0 MB Play Instructions: Install the game - Full Installation.Fixed unit stack corruption bug caused by the nuke draw functions.