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The following DLL report was generated by automatic DLL script that scanned and loaded all DLL files in the system32 directory windows of Windows 7, extracted the information from them, and then saved windows it into html reports.
Information link: m/windowsxp file details, filepath: C:windowssystem32dllcache mshtml.DLL : GetModuleBaseNameW GetModuleInformation kernel32.dll : ActivateActCtx CloseHandle CompareFileTime CompareStringW ConvertThreadToFiber CopyFileW CreateActCtxW CreateDirectoryW CreateEventW CreateFiber CreateFileMappingA CreateFileMappingW CreateFileW CreateMutexA CreateMutexW CreateThread DeactivateActCtx DeleteFiber DeleteFileW EnumUILanguagesW ExpandEnvironmentStringsA ExpandEnvironmentStringsW FileTimeToLocalFileTime FileTimeToSystemTime FindAtomW FindClose FindFirstFileW FindResourceA FindResourceExA FindResourceExW FindResourceW FlushViewOfFile FormatMessageW windows FreeLibrary FreeLibraryAndExitThread GetACP GetCPInfo GetCommandLineW GetCurrentProcess.Windows 7 DLL File Information - mshtml.Dll, filedate: 17:24:46, version:.0.2800.1400.Dll : _CIatan2 _CIcos _CIsin _CIsqrt _XcptFilter _dllonexit _amsg_exit _errno _initterm windows _ismbcdigit _itow _lock _ltow _mbschr _mbscmp _mbscspn _mbsinc _mbsspn _mbsstr _onexit _purecall _strcmpi _strnicmp _ultoa _ultow _unlock _vsnprintf _vsnwprintf _wcsicmp _wcslwr _wcsnicmp _wcsrev _wtof _wtoi _wtol atoi bsearch calloc ceil floor free isalpha isdigit.Select the control to activate and use.CRC32: DBF6A84C, windows mD5: FE20 54B D 986A 9F73.Dll is statically linked to the following files: msvcrt.DLL, kernel32.dll GDI32.dll user32.dll ole32.dll urlmon.Total Number of Exported Functions: 20, total Number of Exported Functions With Names: 15, mshtml section Headers.text 0x,445,120 Bytes.5, read, Execute, code.data mshtml 0x,232 Bytes.5, write, Read.MD5: FE20 54B D 986A 9F73. ProductName: keygen Betriebssystem Microsoft internet Windows, productVersion:.0.2800.1400).
Contido no player civilization software, nome: Windows XP craftsman Home Edition, Deutsch, licença: comercial.
FileType: Dynamic internet Link Library (DLL fileVersion:.0.2800.1400, internalName: mshtml, legalCopyright: Microsoft civilization Corporation.
Dll : iert_DelayLoadFailureHook ntdll.
Dll : GetFileVersionInfoSizeW GetFileVersionInfoW VerQueryValueW advapi32.dll : CryptAcquireContextA CryptAcquireContextW CryptGenRandom CryptReleaseContext OpenProcessToken RegCloseKey RegCreateKeyExW RegDeleteValueW RegEnumKeyExW RegEnumKeyW RegEnumValueW RegOpenKeyA RegOpenKeyExA RegOpenKeyExW RegOpenKeyW RegQueryInfoKeyW RegQueryValueExA RegQueryValueExW RegQueryValueW RegSetValueExW ntdll!
File Size: 5,814.If one of these files is corrupted or missing, mshtml.Version resource information, companyName: Microsoft Corporation, fileDescription: Microsoft (R) html Viewer, fileOS: Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003.DLL : Betriebssystem Microsoft Windows :.0.2800.1400.Nome do produto: Betriebssystem Microsoft Windows, versão do produto:.0.2800.1400).