Other miscellaneous bug fixes city and improvements.
It also sets the installer necessary files vice to NOT be read-only.
Edits all necessary files automatically, including the g, carcols.
Can installer have multiple script files, meaning if the mod can be installed to GTA3 and Vice City, there's a separate script for each game.Features in Scripter.0: -Much better design and more user-friendly.Just read the information on each screen, and it will be very simple to use.Dat line detecting, which is about 99 accurate.I don't mind if you host it on any website, just as long as you give me (cpmusick) the proper credit for making this program.Pobierz, autor, pobra cpmusick 217284, zobacz powizane pliki, pobiererwera gtasite.Added support for RAR files.Just install with one single installer click!Fixed bug with it not remembering the Vice City game directory.Note: This beta city does not backup edited GXT files.Thanks, and enjoy GTA city Mod Installer!Automatically search for and insert any g, carcols. You can also surburban reinstall those files by using repair the mod installer easy and city selecting the backup dir.
This program works with both GTA3 and Vice City.
Added support for inserting cutom-made colors to be convert added to the carcols.
Ability to automatically detect and convert GTA3 cars to Vice City and Vice City cars to GTA3.
Dat info for that car and automatically insert it into the game.
Any support in coding and donation will be apperciated, i want to make csi a all perfect mod installer but there are several problems in my way, so please help in development process credits will be given.Other miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.Rating: (10034 Votes website: None, size:.32 Mb, traffic: 2993.12 Gb, description.Just select and GO!Much Better error detection.Dat info if either of those lines were not provided with the custom vehicle.Better vehicle database management and detection.Automatically inserts original e, g, and carcols.It now sets vice all necessary files to NOT be Read-Only.