mips instruction set manual

Mips supports instructions with up to 3 registers.
0 then PC (signed)offset bgtzl Branch on Greater Than Zero Likely if!Rs31 Rs!Operation: t s imm; advance_pc (4 Syntax: addi t, s, imm, encoding: 0010 00ss ssst tttt iiii iiii iiii iiii.The sign bit is shifted.Operation: MEMs offset t; advance_pc (4 Syntax: sw t, offset(s) Encoding: 1010 11ss ssst tttt iiii iiii iiii iiii syscall - manual System call Description: Generates a instruction software interrupt.C) throw 0xE 000001ss sss01110 cccccccc cccccccc mipt-mips / mipt-V Cycle-accurate pre-silicon simulation.C code instruction file, mips if you want to see instructions in alphabet order, you may want to use.Operation: d t s; advance_pc (4 Syntax: srlv d, t, s Encoding: 0000 00ss ssst tttt dddd d SUB - Subtract Description: Subtracts two instruction registers and stores the result in a register Operation: d s - t; advance_pc (4 Syntax: sub d, s, t Encoding.0 then PC (signed)offset; else Ignore Next instruction Instruction blez Branch on Less Than or Equal instruction to Zero if Rs31 or Rs 0 then PC (signed)offset blezl Branch on Less Than or Equal to Zero Likely if Rs31 or Rs 0 then PC (signed)offset; else Ignore. PC nPC; nPC offset; Note: ALL arithmetic immediate values are sign-extended.
Rt then PC (signed)offset; else Ignore Next Instruction break Breakpoint Break Exception CLO Count Leading Ones Rd NumLeadingOnes(Rs) CLZ Count Leading Zeroes Rd NumLeadingZeroes(Rs) COP0 Coprocessor 0 Operation See Software User's Manual deret Return from Debug Exception PC depc; Exit Debug Mode DI Atomically Disable.
Mips32 Architecture for Programmers Volume II: The mips32 Instruction Set at m for more information.
Instruction, description, function, aDD, integer Add, rd.
PC (signed)offset, bAL, branch and Link (Assembler idiom for: bgezal r0, offset).
It gets zero otherwise.
crack The words sword and uword refer to 32-bit signed and 32-bit unsigned data types, respectively.Types of format mips supports 5 main types of instruction format: R, I, RI, J, and special2 interstellar Type Regs # Immediate Instruction bits Used for R 3 00ss crack sssttttt dddddSSS SSffffff AL and shift operations on registers RI 1 01ss sssrrrrr cccccccc cccccccc Branches.E Specification of instruction, register specifications 5 s,t,d see below, register-immediate 5, manual r Second manual part of opcode for RI and CP instructions.Unsigned manual Integer Add Immediate, rt Rs u Immed, manual addiupc.Operation: t MEMs offset; advance_pc (4 Syntax: lb t, offset(s) Encoding: 1000 00ss ssst tttt iiii science iiii iiii iiii LUI - Load upper immediate Description: The immediate value is shifted left 16 bits and stored in the register.Addi, add immediate (with overflow description: Adds a register and a sign-extended immediate value and stores the result in a register.Logical AND Immediate, rt Rs Immed15:0, b Unconditional Branch (Assembler idiom for: BEQ r0, r0, offset).GPR31 PC 8; PC (signed)offset, bEQ, branch On Equal if Rs Rt then PC (signed)offset, bEQL.

OR - Bitwise or Description: mips instruction set manual Bitwise logical ors two registers and stores the result in a register Operation: d s t; advance_pc (4 Syntax: or d, s, t Encoding: 0000 00ss ssst tttt dddd d ORI - Bitwise or immediate Description: Bitwise ors a register.
Operation: d t h; advance_pc (4 Syntax: sll d, t, h Encoding: 0000 00ss ssst tttt dddd dhhh hh00 0000 sllv - Shift left logical variable Description: Shifts a register value left by the value in a second register and places the result.