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Times have changed a lot since the driver times of driver W98 and one of those changes is USB.You can visit the related msfn forum thread for more support memory or updates to the driver in future.After that windows has completed, reboot the computer.Something to keep in mind, windows however, is that you still have to make sure the files you are trying to transfer are supported by W98.I extracted windows memory the files for the second driver but I found just a bunch of ".sys" files. I update loaded the following drivers onto a floppy disk, and hills brought it home: To test it out, I plugged a flash tale drive into the computer and the Add New Hardware Wizard opened and prompted for drivers.
What I found was season a generic Windows 98SE USB mass storage device driver that will work with many makes and models of the following: USB Flash Drives, digital Photo and Video Cameras (that connect to the PC via USB).
The problem is, due exercises to some obsolete software that needs to run on Windows 98, manual the computer cannot be upgraded to newer versions of Windows such as 8, 7, Vista or even Windows.
This process is relatively simple but it is important to have a few key components.I'd also suggest using USB.0 drives.The crack 16GB flash drive above wasnt a Kingston but still required the general USB mass storage driver to be installed for it to be detected.The modem shows up in certain system dialogs pack but none of the dialers - HyperTerminal, Phone Dialer, etc.You can find it here.When I was a kid, my first experience with computers was with Windows.