If you hold either button timex down it will make the time move faster.
T5K193 T5K usb data exchanger, dGTL HQ or dgtl Tactic Digital Digital, Timer and timex Alarm TW5M22400 TW5M22500 TW5M22600 TW5M22700 TW5M22800 Digital Mini Digital indiglo, Countdown Timer, timex Alarms TW2T48400 TW2T48500 TW2T48600 TW2T48700 Digital Mini Digital indiglo, Countdown Timer, Alarms TW2T48000 TW2T48100 TW2T48200 TW2T48300 timex Easy Trainer HRM.
Choosing "5" sounds the alarm Monday-Friday.
Use the " " button to move the year forward, or the " " to move the year backward and press the "Enter" button.Both buttons are located under the LCD screen.Automatic, analog, self-winding automatic movement, Date, t2C261 T2D921 T2D931 manual T2D941 T2D951 141 timex automatic self winding mechanical.Save the alarm setting timex by pressing the "Enter" button.Data Link USB, digital, indiglo, Chronograph, Countdown Timer, Date, Lap Timer, Time Zones, Alarms.Crystal Bloom or Crystal Opulence, analog, quartz Analog.The year will disappear from the LCD and the month and day manual will appear. Classic Digital, digital, indiglo, Countdown Timer, Alarms, t78582 T78587 T78677.
When you choose "7 the timex alarm will sound every day of the timex week.
Push the " " button to move the time forward, or " " to move the time backward.
Decide which type of alarm you want to set.If choosing a nature sound, use the "Sounds" button to cycle through the different nature sounds.By William PullmanUpdated September 28, 2017.Analog Chronograph, analog, indiglo; Night-Light, Chronograph, Date, t26331 T26351 T2B821 T41251 T48081 T53452 T54692 T54702 T54722 T54732 T54742 T54752 T59291 T20511 T20582 T20613 T21442 T21762 T21782 T21813 T21823 T28832 T29282 T29313 T29541 T2F601 T2M554 T2M576 T2M577 manual T2M585 T2M596 T2M600 T2M603 T2M605 T2M623 manual T41271 T41281 T41291.You don't need to decide on the type of buzzer sound as there is only one.If you are searching for a specific style, please try another feature manual or function.Setting the Clock, press and hold the "Time" button until the time on the screen starts blinking.