There are, however, counter-units that realm are good lords for specific situations.
Higher food rations yield happier and healthier citizens.
If player has player lords four counties in realm a straight chain where each touches only the other, and an opponent captures one of the middle counties, the noble will automatically lose the weakest counties that have been sundered from the main body of his/her empire.You might be razing a village, besieging a castle, realm defending a castle, and waging war in the field simultaneously.Grain - A food supply that requires a much smaller amount of the population to maintain than cows for three of the four seasons per year.Movement and battle edit edit source After an army has been created, the player can garrison it in a castle to protect the town, disband it, split it in two, move it, or keep it still.Crossbowmen lords player - Fairly effective as both hand to hand and long range attackers. However, it does supply a catchy Cliffs Notes version that doesn't get bogged down in minutiae.
The Countess - A cold, calculating opponent, the Countess's main realm focus is expansion, and as a result she tends to overextend herself.
Once erected, this realm castle is not easily breached at all and is a very secure defense.
Overall population player trends can lords also be traced via the population information screen for each county.Overall, however, the player gets much more industry-production out of a population by using a pure grain food economy.Most counties starting out have some barren fields.The nobles will not attack you if allied, with the exception of the Countess.Advancing the series trademark template of turn-based and real-time strategy, Lords of the Realm II takes you into the intrepid struggle of 13th century England.Motte lords Baileys, Stone Castles, and Royal Castles are defended by moats as well, and all castles have boiling oil available to attack.There is also a lot of content here for a bargain game.Diplomacy edit edit source, diplomacy can influence the course of events in the game, although there is little opportunity for its use among the mostly-violent interactions between counties.A field can either be barren or fertile.Fields - Like industries, there are a preset number of fields per county in various states of usability.Just as the gameplay is much better than you'd probably expect from a 20 release, so is the audio and video.The Norman Keep is the first of three stone lords castle types, and is a fairly common castle type used by the.These are the five player major castle types, from weakest to strongest.The advantage to this is if there is no available stone or wood, a royal castle will only cost 1000 stone and 800 wood.