load dll command line

This can also be invoked by the load command "startupmenu playendgamevid which bails back to line the menu line and plays the end game video.
nofriendsui No longer load does anything.
Need to run with -textmode.Windows shortcuts pointing to steam.Note: Parameter D3D is deprecated.This has nothing to do with externally-visible addresses in command NAT setups.condebug - load Stores console output to "Half-Lifeqconsole.sport port - Specifies the VAC port the server should use.noassert Allows attaching to a debugger instead of directly asserting.bi, defines the build identifier ID which is used in phonehome -bugbait, to do: Is it for Bugbait E3 2003 demo?Half-Life Dedicated Server These command-line parameters are used with hlds.particles Sets the number load of beam trails to allow (2048 by default, minimum is 512).Specifying "counts" or "verbose" is optional, defaulting line to counts. nocrashdialog Stop some windows crash message boxes from showing.
maxdxlevel Limits the learn maximum dxlevel server to use.
console variable arg - Sets the Cvar (or console variable ) to the specified setting.
dev - Enables developer mode.
maxplayers Set the maximum players allowed to join the server.
Useful console variables _setgamedir game - Specifies which game/mod to run.fs_logbins Log the binaries we load during operation.dev Show developer messages.gl_enablesamplerobjects (Linux) Use OpenGL Sampler Objects for lite better texture preloading -gl_texclientstorage (MacOS) Reduce memory usage by keygen relying on GPU memory instead of pack a host copy -gamestatstag tag Tags each map reported with the specified tag.6 Check details in Event Viewer.textmode Runs the game without graphics -threads Number of threads to allocate for the thread pool, default is 3 -tickrate Sets the game tick keyworddrumline interval.deathsonly Supposed codec to only count deaths while parsing tf2 gamestats, but actually pointless because there is only code for deaths.Map map - Specifies which map to start.