When it gallery comes to wireless music streaming, AirPlay, klipsch for the time being at least, remains our preferred technology.
I call it very, very shiny, and it shows fingerprints like crazy unless you handle the unit only while wearing the aforementioned white gloves.
It accomplishes this via a very easy-to-use Web-based interface that uses your wireless home network.
klipsch Further reading: The best manual Bluetooth speakers.If you get stuck, Klipsch has very detailed instructional videos online.To use AirPlay streaming capabilities, your iOS device or iTunes must be klipsch connected to your home wireless network.The G-17 can also generate truly astonishing volume without distortion.Select your wireless network from the Service Set ID (ssid) gallery drop-down, enter your password below (if your network is protected) and then click Apply.Unfortunately for the JBL, it lost major points klipsch in my opinion because of its 350 msrp, though I'm now seeing it online for as cheap as 230.A warning dialog box will come.While AirPlay is not without its own quirks (and expense it allows you to move about your space more freely, sounds great and, best of all, puts control of your music right in the palm of your hand, or in front of you on your.From afar, it appeared to have all the ingredients needed for a delicious audio experience and, given Klipschs excellent speaker-dock offerings in the past, was likely to deliver.While unpacking the, gallery G-17 Air AirPlay Speakers, Klipschs first foray into the nascent market for.I didn't have a similar issue when AirPlaying from my iPhone 4S, so Im tempted to lay the blame on iTunes.The optional Klipsch app will only allow for initial setup, so once that's working there's really no reason to keep it around unless you change networks and need to run klipsch the setup again. For that reason, we client tend to get a little excited whenever a new AirPlay speaker option comes around.
With the Klipsch Gallery G-17 Air, we're introduced to another AirPlay-focused single-speaker system with some impressive functionality.
As expected, its gloss piano black finish almost seemed to suck dust in toward itself- as if it were a black hole for keygen fingerprints, smudges and airborne particulate an issue with which were all too familiar.
The G-17 comes with an optional stand as well which elevates the speaker about two gallery inches off the surface.When our review sample keygen landed on popup our desk a couple of weeks ago, we wasted no time getting to work on our evaluation.If you'd prefer to tweak the G-17's output, however, you'll need to use the EQ settings in iTunes or klipsch keygen on your iOS device, as the G-17 doesn't provide any way to adjust bass or treble levels.The G-17 not only wirelessly streams audio from an iPad, but can also play nicely with any computer running iTunes, or an iPod Touch or iPhone.Klipsch recognizes it needs keygen to deliver a premium experience if it intends to charge a premium price.Klipsch, for its part, recommends you do your listening within 12 feet of the unit, although I found that I could enjoy the G-17 just fine from across a larger room.Klipsch Air iOS app.After donning the gloves, we pulled the G-17 Air from its cocoon.

I suppose Klipsch figures that, with an AirPlay unit, youre less likely to depend upon the remote, since you can control your music from your iOS device or your computer, but given the G-17's price, if the company's going to include a remote, it should.
In that same location, you'll also find a Reset klipsch gallery g-17 air manual button (which makes the G-17 forget any saved wireless settings and the connection for the included AC adapter.
Theres a bass port on the left side of the unit.