If a malfunction occurs, the shock absorber must cherokee be replaced.
(5) Rotate the shaft with the torque wrench and note the torque.
Inspection Polished contact surface areas on raceways and bearing cage spheres are normal.
8 Upper Suspension Arm.(3) Install the hub bearing and brake dust shield to the knuckle.Installation (1) Position the stabilizer bar on the frame rail and install the clamps manual and bolts.System refer to Group 5, Brakes.Axle shaft bearings produce cherokee noise manual and vibration when worn or damaged.(2) Drain the cooling system (refer to Group 7, Cooling System for the proper procedures).Install the housing cover within 5 maintenance minutes af- ter applying the sealant.Install new cotter pin.Camber The wheel camber angle (Fig.All driveline components should be examined be- fore starting any cherokee repair.4) and tighten to 27 Nm (20.Instruct the helper to shift the transmission into gear.(3) Raise the axle with a floor cherokee jack and align it with the spring pads. Pry the crack case as crack far as possible to right side (Fig.
Remove the track bar.
(3) Place the 4 plastic locator dowels into the holes in the block Fig.
Alignment measurements AND adjustments Before each alignment reading the vehicle should cherokee be jounced (rear first, then front).
(8) Disconnect the track bar from the axle bracket.
(5) Lubricate all differential components with a light coat of grease or hypoid gear lubricant.18 Steering Knuckle and Ball Studs.Install the exhaust clamp assem- bly and tighten the nuts to 68 Nm (50.Center and se- cure the steering wheel.10 Intake Manifold Flange Gasket Alignment Fig.(6) Install the bushing by tightening the hex-head on Long Nut (Fig.(9) picture Install the fill hole crack plug and lower the vehicle.Listen for the noise, a mechanics stethoscope is helpful maintenance in isolating the source of a noise.(5) Repeat the above procedure for the remaining bearing cap.(8) maintenance The following torque sequence duplicates the expected results of the automated assembly system (Fig.Use the form to provide Chrysler Corporation with your comments and suggestions.13 Ball Removal Fig.

33 Pinion Gear Depth jeep cherokee maintenance manual pdf Information.
During the road test, turn the vehicle to both the left and right.