"What are you expecting in terms of salary?" We believe that anchoring your salary expectations to your prior salary is the surest way to get very incremental pay raises.
(A) zinc (B) radium (C) uranium (D) question mercury Ans : hindi (D) answer Click Here to Download important General Knowledge Question and Answer in Hindi PDF People Also Visited: 1000 Indian History GK Question and Answer in Hindi PDF 1000 Geography GK Question and Answer in Hindi.
Apologize and offer a better option Act quickly and resolve the customer complaint Take responsibility for what made a customer unhappy Compensate customer with a better deal or free service 33) How can you create new opportunities for customers proactive engagement?
This is a time to show that you understand answer the companys mission, its values or something about its culture.(A) Adam Smith (B) Alfred Marshall (C) Max Muller (D) Karl Marx answer Ans : (A).Lungs of a plant are : (A) flowers (B) roots (C) leaves (D) stems Ans : (C) 129.Depending on the situation, I could hindi do multi-tasking question or could tackle one problem at hindi a time.Canterbury, the premium Indian brand of woollen cardigans and pullovers is from the house of : (A) Monte - Carlo (B) woodland (C) Digjam (D) OCM Ans : (A) 142.Thalassemia is an example of : (A) Deletion mutation (B) Point mutation (C) Silent mutation (D) Frameshift mutation Ans : (D). UNO was founded in the year : (A) list 1950 (B) 1953 (C) 1945 (D) 1946 game Ans : (C).
" Always come prepared to discuss both a strength and weakness.
"Tell me about a time drivers when you disagreed with a coworker.
It will help to minimize the common problem faced by customers.
(B) To develop scientific temper, humanis, and the spirit o fenquiry and reform.
Itd be game hard to cover every single possible unique interview question for those instances maps (maybe one hack day we will!Ans : (C) 124._ Maine _ se padai ki hai.Ans : (B).This is a question often asked for call center jobs.Aapki email id question kya hai?

International interview question and answer in hindi pdf Literacy Day is observed on Which one of the following days every year?
Example answer: I think I would fit really great into this role.
The last thing that I will do is to identify the root-cause that creates problem to the customer, fix it, and ensure it never happens again.