Turn main switch back to off position.
Tighten securely (see illustration ideal III).
Model 5250 (20-1/2 model 6550 (25-1/2 model 6550-90(25-1/2).Change knife and cutting stick manual only with the main switch in off position.Annual routine inspections by specially ideal trained service technicians are recommended manual for all safety devices, particularly the electric control measures in the cutting machine.Ke a test cut with a paper pile using the full manual cutting height.Bring the knife 2) down.Manuals, brands, ideal manual Manuals, cutter 6550-95EP, manuals and User Guides for ideal 6550-95EP.EAL 4850-90(5250 Insert knife holders into second and fourth threaded hole (B ideal and D) of the sharp knife.Release one of the switches and turn main switch 13) to position 0 (off). Power operated cutting machines must be operated only by trained and reliable personnel.
Transportation of knife digital is firewire only permitted in rebel specially designed wooden rebel cases (see safety rules).
Release either push button 5 or #15) and turn main switch morsipdf 13) to position 0 (off).
Please make sure that you are familiar with the operation of the paper cutter.
Rew in knife screw (E) snuggly, dont tighten.
When inserting knife into the wooden case, ensure that the sharp edge call lies flush with the side of the case into which the holes for the securing screws have been drilled.This crack ensures that your machine remains operative even if the original knife has to be sent away for re - sharpening.Knife life with normal paper is approximately 20 working hours: of course this will vary with different types of paper.We recommend that purchase of a spare knife, so that a sharp knife is always available.Should the overload switch pop out again and cannot be re -seteven after a few minutes, please contact your service technician.EAL 4950-90(5250 Remove knife screws (A and C).Advertisement, related Products m, login, don't have an account?Important The clamp bar must be adjusted in a way that the cutting edge of the knife in its home position is covered by the clamp bar.Part of the training is to become familiar with the operating instructions.Push knife down by screwing in the knife adjustment screws (X, Y and Z) evenly, until the paper is cut across its whole length.Ideal6550-90:Remove knife screws (A and D).The knife should be changed as soon as the quality and the accuracy of a cut are not in accordance with the standards expected from this cutting machine.