Choose the latest when you create your image.
VMware is standard releasing patches on regular basis, but those arent always available within the latest installation ISO file (at least not for esxi free customers).
esxi This post is no mean for advanced virtualization admins who knows their standard way, but rather for admins who are starting with virtualization and esxi their IT carreer.Wrap Up: VMware does not really need (want) to update the Free VMware ESXi ISO with the latest patches.In some circumstances you may want the very latest ESXi build when you do the base install, and not rely on VUM or manually patching after the installation.Yes, HP does provide regularly updated.Get-EsxImageProfile Sort-Object ModifiedTime -Descending format-table -property Name, CreationTime 8) Clone the standard VMware profile so we can modify it with our driver set: new-esximageprofile esxi -cloneprofile ESXi-5.0.Dont worry, its not so difficult.If you downloaded all of the drivers, unpacked esxi them, and moved the bundled ZIPs to a single directory it should look like: 4) Add each software ZIP bundle to your depot using the following command, changing the ZIP filename for each bundle. To guide find out which drivers are bundled in the HP ISO images, you smartpen can find their official list here.
Once done, put the file into some temp folder on your C: driver for example.
Just enter this: cd ESXiSlipStreeam (Dont worry if the system adds.
Hint: You can easily smartpen copy text from the PowerCLI window.
Standard -name ESXi-5.0.0-HP ) Using the output in step 5, we add all of those packages to our image profile: update add-esxsoftwarepackage -imageprofile ESXi-5.0.0-HP hpbootcfg, char-hpcru, hpnmi, char-hpilo, hponcfg, hp-smx-provider, hp-ams, hpacucli, misc-cnic-register, scsi-bnx2i, net-cnic, net-bnx2x, scsi-bnx2fc, net-bnx2, net-tg3, scsi-qla2xxx, scsi-hpsa, net-be2net, scsi-be2iscsi, scsi-lpfc820, net-qlcnic, scsi-mpt2sas, scsi-bfa, net-mlx4-en, net-nx-nic, ima-be2iscsi 10) To validate that your new profile in fact has the updated and new HP drivers, use the following command: compare-esximageprofile.Xml 2) Download the complete driver set that HP includes in their image: Broadcom NetXtreme I (net-tg3 broadcom NetXtreme II (misc-cnic-register, scsi-bnx2i, net-cnic, net-bnx2x, scsi-bnx2fc, net-bnx2 qLogic Fibre Channel and CNA (scsi-qla2xxx hP SAS scsi Driver (scsi-hpsa emulex, network (net-be2net emulex iscsi (be2iscsi).Mellanox (net-mlx4-en) pobrania 3) Unzip each of the files that you downloaded, which will reveal another ZIP file and a VIB file, among others.Get-EsxSoftwarePackage select Name, Version,ReleaseDate sort ReleaseDate 6) Add the VMware software depot so we can use the latest VMware image profile: Add-EsxSoftwareDepot 7) We want to use the latest VMware profile, that includes all of the latest patches, so lets list all the available profiles.Emulex, hBA (lpfc820 qLogic Network (net-qlcnic qLogic Network (net-nx-nic lSI SAS (scsi-mpt2sas brocade HBA and CNA (scsi-bfa).Enjoy, scott links: touchpad More from ESX Virtualization Stay tuned through RSS, and social media channels ( Twitter, FB, ) 1 This website is maintained by Vladan seget.So at the end, you should end up with the ISO file next to your ZIP file.To install the Adaptec raid controller driver with VMware ESXi.x, you must create a custom boot image using the VMware Image Builder tool.Feel free to network via Twitter @vladan.