gta iv unlimited health cheat code pc

Leo Brodell Crime: Drug Trafficking Location: He is in unlimited a building just south of the three X buildings unlimited in East Holland.
Do health not tap it too fast or you will lose rear tire grip.When you go there, it is a bar called 8-Ball, an obvious reference to 8-Ball from Grand Theft Auto.Liberty City Minute (30 points Complete the story missions in less health than 30 hours.Make sure to block any nearby roads so the ambulance cannot get to the murdered victim.Cavalcade Reward: 23,100 Location: Alderney, Leftwood.Patriot Search by the Castle Gardens.Aim for the driver and the tires.Spawn Annihilator police helicopter, dial " " on the cell phone.It code is at Star Junction near the corner of Lorimar.Shoot the door, and immediately to the right behind it is the next person.While watching television code in a safehouse, flip through the channels until the "I'm Rich" show.When you steal an ice cream truck, turn the music.Go from the northern car wash.Brucie's tattoos The tattoo on Brucie's breast means "I" in Chinese.Shoot Jayvon when he is driving the cherry red code Hellfury. Look closely to see that it resembles male genitalia.
Go to the iobit iobit hospital at manual the spin north-west corner of Algonquin.
Note: This phone number translates to "FLY-555-0100".
Sawed-off shotgun: Successfully complete 10 gang wars.Endangered Species (50 points Collect every hidden package in the game.Go to the southwest corner here, and enter booster through the door in the south wall.Special ability: 50 off at all clothing stores.Then, get down to the outskirts of the land, doblon and walk towards spin the corner between the brick wall and the cliff.

The bike is parked on the east side of the street in the middle of this block, gta iv unlimited health cheat code pc facing north.
You can see an image of a woman holding a gun.