gameshark codes for epsxe 1.8

You can download epsxe the gameshark new version from the download page.
Game Shark Code Creators Club and, cfccar with thousands of codes PlayStation cheats listed.
The bug which force the psx emulator to crash, while using some codetype 50-cheats is fixed now.
Option and choose, cheat Codes.January 2002 pec The Plugin v2 released.New add/subtract offset value to address (useful to convert cheats from PAL to ntsc and viceversa).You can find many on the Internet.March 2002, in the last 2 codes days I got many mails from people which had problems with the new pec Plugin.Ridge Racer Type 4 Rockman 2 Rockman 4 silent mobius Spectral Force 2 Street Figher Alpha 3 street fighter collection volume 2 street fighter: real battle ON film THE legend OF dragoon vampire killeinning post 2 X-Racing epsxe xmen Vs Street Figther EX Edition The new.Improved the import engine for changes in the html code of GameBuster and gsccc.Pec The Plugin.2 released.;-) These epsxe are the new games : Bombing Islands, The Cyber codes Sled Dragon Tales-Dragonseek Elmo's Number Journey G-Police Hogs Of War Jarrett LaBonte Stock Car Racing King Of The Fighters '99 Konami's Arcade Classics Land Before Time-Return To The Great Valley Legacy Of Kain 2-Soul. Small bug fixes, support for Jokers and additional validations.
Just doubleclick the duke cheat with?
Double-click on a cheat to start ePSXe (if present) and copy the mechanic cheat to clipboard.
Or does it ignore the changes which are done by pec and simply use the recompiled code?
There is another way to do that, but its nice crack to learn how things work, isnt it?
PS.: Decide yourself if pec is the best and most compatible crack psx emulation cheater!
"Did you try daemount today?
If you want to get info's about this, check the gsccc - mechanic Sony Playstation Code Types Page and don't mechanic bother me with mails if you don't understand how to use.First version.4 and now version.2 again?All in all, this is new : pec is not zipped anymore, there is a (hopefully) kickass and easy to use setup now There is a htmlhelp-file now.Examples : epsxe pec:800A95E60082 epsxe -nosound pec:800A95E60082800AAE720082 -mouse Attention : pec does not check if the codes are correct, if the codes are buggy, the emu may crash.There can't be a space between the address and the value.Fixed a bug importing cheats with same name but for different character, like FF9 In-Battle Codes.Game ids - Load faster thanks to the smaller database What's new.0 beta 8?This will bring a speed improvment of atleast 200 while using these options.Now you can edit mechanic the game name and code ID - Update button changes to green whenever a change is made to a cheat.Log" logs what have been imported from html.) 2 Years of pec 700.000 visitors PCJapan article.