fix cracked lcd monitor on laptop

After a cracked bit of trial and error pcstats came up laptop with this four-point Technical Detail Checklist.
At first it only stayed lit when i moved the laptop trackpoint (mouse then later (after logging inwith my fingerprint) it stayed lit permanently.
The front bezel is back on, but not screwed in cracked yet.Be aware that most manufacturer warranties don't cover cracked laptop screens.This pcstats Beginners Guide will require a bit of computer disassembly and some elementary knowledge about how to safely handle sensitive electronic components.I take a break from the laptop, and when i come back to it 30 minutes later, i wake it from its sleeping state, it wakes, and then the whole computer just shuts off.Ive restarted it, ive put it to sleep.Step One: Find Replacement Laptop Parts.The best resource for laptop replacement parts monitor we've found is m, there may be laptop others but that's what we'll be using in this Guide.This will be either LED or ccfl.Wiha.5mm.0mm the edge of a credit card or a long fingernail, a clean surface on which to work with good lighting, a container to store tiny screws in while you work and a digital laptop camera to record wire placements as you progress.Tools Required for this Beginners Guide.Considering Repair Costs, i'm betting we can repair this Lenovo T530's smashed LCD screen ourselves, for less than 100 bucks.Doing the repair yourself is not impossible and it will save a lot of expense.If we were in the.S., it could probably be done for closer. Top 3 Markets: North America 12, Western Europe 12, Oceania.6, response Rate, contact Supplier, country/Region: China (Mainland main Products: case PSU.
1 what is the make and model number of the notebook?
To fix a cracked laptop screen glance you will need to open up the screen assembly, locate and purchase a compatible replacement LCD panel, swap the damaged screen out graphisoft and put ring everything back picasso together without inadvertently causing more damage.
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Do you have the skills?
Posted on, tuesday, February 15, 2005 at 1:24am in: Tech, Tip Jar « Previous Post.Buying Request Hub, suppliers, gifts Crafts, home Decoration.When i go to turn it manual back on, it begins starting up but immediately shuts off before getting to the IBM ThinkPad logo.This is when i realize removing the whole lcd display unit from the base of the laptop might have been diagram prudent.2) What is the LCD panel size in inches resolution of the screen in pixels?To recap the saga from 895 of pain : after doing some research into the guts of my laptop, i discovered, lCDS 4 less had the screen for my laptop at a much reduced though still painful cost of 495.Eventually i got the bezel off (not an easy task vp-vr and then had to figure out how to unscrew the lcd screen from the support braces that held it in place.Bookmark this pcstats Guide for future reference.

At this point im too tired/frustrated to do anything more.
Most of this cost is an exorbitant hourly fix cracked lcd monitor on laptop labour rate.