The next step to programming the manual system is to tell it how each zone should function by assigning zone types.
If using 4 wire smoke detectors, press 03 for sensor reset.
For wireless installation sensors, it is useful to have them installation laid out nearby for enrollment purposes.Then, the installation 3 digit entry delay 2 in seconds.We recommend getting all your hardwired components in place and wired to the manual main board before programming.The screen should display the 6 digit ESN followed by Confirm ESN.The system uses toggle manual options manual in these sections to know which zones are in use.Press # to exit back out.Download the, dSC Power Series PC1616, PC1832, PC1864 Quickstart Guide here. If you get a long beep, the system did not like what you entered.The exit delay must be between 45 seconds and 255 seconds.Press # to exit.Push # when finished.If at any point you think you may have made a mistake it is always best to start over to check your work.You will not see a display or any numbers during your programming other than toggle options. You manual will then be asked to enter Installer code.
We recommend, in installation most cases, using the first zones for hardwired devices and leaving any zones that have hardwired terminals available reserved for hardwired devices.
Enter a unique 4 digit access code.
If you with get a long beep and the screen still says enter section, you will have to use section 804.
Then start wireless zones after that.
Appendix B: Smoke Detector PGM Programming 009 Generally smoke detectors will be connected to PGM 2 on the panel which is what we will reference in this section.
Each section is a continuous set of 16 zones.
Step 8: Audible Panic and Telephone Line Monitoring 015 This is another optional step.Appendix D: Making a DSC Alarm call your phone You will want to enter programming by entering:, enter program section 301 and then enter the telephone number for the system to call (Make sure the D remains and make sure to include the area code.This is especially recommended for the master code so programs someone doesnt walk in and try 1234 to disarm your alarm system.To disable end of line resistor manual use, enter 013.If not, push the number to toggle that zone on or off.It will display as a 6 digit combination of letters and numbers.You will need to enter each zone (001) edit label, (002) edit label, etc.You will hear a couple beeps and then the keypad will display the 2 digit code for zone.We will be using sections 001-004 for this step.Here is a list of the most common Zone Definitions numbers (See the full installation manual for a complete list with descriptions 01 Delay 1 (ie: door with a certain time of delay) 02 Delay 2 (ie: door with a different delay time) 03 Instant.Also, many people will not have a telephone line attached to the system and will want to turn off TLM so that they with do not have a constant trouble condition on the alarm system.The screen should display 6 zeroes unless there is an ESN programmed for that zone, disassembly in which case it will display that ESN.After entering 6 digits, the keypad will beep 3 times and then you would enter a new zone number and repeat for all wireless devices.The keypad should beep and then ask you for Section again.