discworld 2 pc game

Use the game curtains on the game pond.
Look at the Candy Rock.Go to the shades.Screensaver: Allow the game game to idle and Rincewind will appear, asking "Hello, anybody home?Use game the sarcastic icon.Look at the baskets.Use the broomstick on the tower.If youre an avid gamer and want a few extra weapons or lives to survive until the next level, discworld this freeware cheat database discworld can come discworld to the rescue. Get the 10 off the mail box.
Talk to Dibbler, using the 'sarcastic' icon, and the corn icon.
Use the scythe/cart contraption on the corn.
As with Discworld, the game is broken out into four acts and you don't go on to the next act until you have completed the one before, but you can visit any location that is labeled on the map user by a mere matrix click of the.
Use the pick on the ice.
Use user the pot to get some honey from the hive.
Put the costume in book Rincewind's inventory.
Use encore the wire bits on the pyramid plan.Get the ink, and ring the bell.Use the rod honey on the dots in the soul pool.Go up to the warehouse.And also, feel free to propagate this, stick it on web sites, etc, just as long as you let me know where you've put.It's pretty much a bare bones walkthrough; if you want a more explanatory guide, you should try Psygnosis' Discworld 2 Hint Book, which should be out shortly.Talk to him and use the music icon.Give manual her the troll's tooth.Ask the old woman about the candles.Go downstairs, and go right user into the book room.Click on the mortician.Get the dummy's petticoat.Double click on it, to get the pyjamas.