InjectionQuantity Engine injection Speed Engine Operating Conditions Except during engine warm-up and injection startup, does not overheat, etc.
1-3.4 Common Rail pump System Characteristics.Because there are three plungers, they are positioned at intervals of 120?Along with this movement, the pump port from manual the diesel vacuum pump to the upper chamber of the diaphragm opens.The fuel quantity discharged from the supply pump to the rail is determined by the timing with which the current is applied to the PCV.The injection quantity is restricted to prevent an excessive rise in diesel engine speed (overrun).Therefore, the quantity of fuel injected until ignition takes place increases (the initial injection rate is too high resulting in explosive combustion simultaneous with ignition, and an increase in NOx and sound.4.2 Component Part Construction and Operation Component Parts Functions manual Rail Stores pressurized fuel that has been pumped from the supply pump and distrib- utes the fuel to each cylinder injector. Operation Section 153 (3) G2 Type To ensure high pressure, the clip G2 type has improved pressure strength, sealing performance and pressure wear re- sistance.
2-94.3 Non-Reoccurring Malfunctions.
This is a semi-conductor sensor that uses the piezo-electric effect of the electrical resistance vary- ing when pressure is applied to a silicon element.
With normal pressure pulses, since the rail side and injector side pressures are soon balanced, the piston and ball are pushed back to the rail side by the spring.
Check Valve Prevents the pressurized fuel in the pumping mechanism from flowing back into updater the suction side.Q000835E Suction Valve Plunger Ring Cam SCV (Suction Control Valve) Delivery Valve Feed Pump Fuel Temperature Sensor.Injection Timing Control Enables finely tuned optimized control in accordance updater with driver driving conditions.Multi-Injection Control (Only for Some Models) - Multi-injection control is when small injections (up to four times) are carried out before and after the main injection in accordance clip with the state of the main injection and engine operation.To keep advanced the vane pressed against the inner circumference, a spring is provided inside each vane, in order to minimize fuel leakage within the pump.When the PM is collected and accumulated, the post-injec- tion is added driver and HC is added to the catalyst to raise the catalyst temperature to 600?C, which is the self-combustion temperature for.note *1 : The engine ECU outputs sawtooth wave signals with a constant frequency.The quantity of fuel discharged to the rail is controlled by the fuel suction quantity using SCV (Suction Control Valve) control.In 2004, the three-cylinder HP4 based on the HP3 was introduced.There are two types of accelerator position sensor: the hall element type and the contact type.