This is just alternative builder for mods Tau race.
All new units and dark their mods new weapons used in Stronghold's armies.
U New bindings were dark added for old and new units, buildings, researches, weapon upgrades, addons, and abilities.It was named "Grot Stompa" because it is not enough big as normal Stompa and piloted by Grot (as part of dawn model).Some units for some races increases maximum squad cap and support cap by 4: Chosen Champions for Chaos (and for "Chaos Renegades" doctrine of mods Administratum Grey Knight Grand Master for Daemonhunters, Dais of Destruction for Dark Eldar, C'tans for Necrons, Living Saint (or Saint Celestine).Dark Reapers Launchers are weapon upgrade now.Corresponding visual effects were added for these units.Ravager don't require Soul Cage now.5 years ago the dark first public version of the Titanium Wars Mod (for DC) was released (15 November 2009).This mappack modifies some of the maps from Dark Crusade for use with the Capture The Flag Mod.Titanic super-weapons now more powerful.New research on Tier 2 for Dark Eldar - Kabal Mobilization.New rational binding system for Necrons abilities.Great thanks to TS Mod team for model. Whitch Hunters: New attacks waves from new dawn version locations.
Equipped with two Flamers and Onager Gauntlets.
Necrons intensify their attack and use key positions more effectively.
They are based on beautiful models dark and textures of great Whitch Hunters Mod (from krmz and Friedric.).
Necron Ghost Ark uses support cap mods 1 now.
New defence algorithms by drop version pods.
Three peripheral Monoliths version can attack player.
HQ is Governor's version Palace.Thanks to MonkeyXXL for such textures.Fixed bug with textures for Necron Lord in invisible state.Specific attacks from Mont'ka and Kauyon bases.Initial morale of these squads were decreased.Some other models from some other source were used and remade by GrOrc too.

Version.00.23 (28 February 2019) (.in private status now.) - Main event in this new version of the Titanium Wars Mod: O'Shaserra - Commander Shadowsun and her special drones (Command-link Drone and MV52 Shield Drone) were added as playable unit.
Scaled War Walker model used dawn of war dark crusade pc mods as Eldar Revenant Titan.