Appendix.1 Operating Noise of Indoor Units.2 Allowable Piping Length.3 Refrigerant branch kit selection.4 Pipe size daikin selection.5 daikin How to calculate the additional refrigerant to be charged.6 refnet Pipe Connections for vrvii R410A Series.7 VRV Inspection Sheet.8 Piping System.
Control Specification.1 Mode Hierarchy.2 Frequency Control.3 Controls at Mode Changing / Start-up.4 Discharge Pipe Control.5 Input Current Control.6 Freeze-up Protection Control.7 Heating Peak-cut Control.8 Fan Control.9 Liquid pump Compression Protection Function.10 Defrost Control.11 Low.Trouble Shooting Part 4 Precautions for New Refrigerant (R410A).Outdoor Units, rXYQ72pydn ; manual rxyq96pydn ; service rxyq120pydn ; rxyq144pydn ; rxyq240pydn ; reyq72pydn ; reyq96pydn ; reyq120pydn ; reyq144pydn ; reyq1240pydn ; rxyq72ptju service ; rxyq96ptju ; rxyq120ptju ; rxyq168PTJ ; rxyq240PTJ ; reyq72ptju ; reyq96ptju ; reyq120ptju ; reyq144ptju ; reyq168ptju ; reyq240ptju ; rxyq144ptju.Others.1 Test Run from the Remote Controller.2 Jumper Settings Part 9 Appendix.Outdoor Unit.1 Removal of the Panels and Plates.2 Removal of the Electrical Box.3 Removal of the PCB.4 Removal of the Sound Blanket.5 Removal of the Propeller Fan / Fan Motor.6 Removal of the Thermistors.7 service Removal of the Compressor.Troubleshooting.1 Indoor Units.2 Outdoor Units.3 Indoor Unit PCB Abnormality.4 Freeze-up Protection Control or High Pressure Control.5 Fan Motor or Related Abnormality.6 Thermistor or Related Abnormality (Indoor Unit).7 Shutter Drive Motor / Shutter Limit Switch Abnormality.8 Front Panel.Caution for Diagnosis.Indoor Unit.1 09/12 Class.2 15/18/24 Class.Floor standing type, fXLQ12mvju ; fxlq18mvju ; fxlq24mvju, concealed floor standing type, fXNQ12mvju ; fxnq18mvju ; fxnq24mvju, bS Units, bSVQ36pvju ; bsvq60pvju.Refrigerant Circuit page.1 rxyq72P, 96P, 120P daikin page.2 rxyq144ptju page.Wiring Diagrams.1 Indoor Units.2 Outdoor Units Index Drawings Flow Charts Inverter Pair E-Series Heat Pump Indoor Units ftxr28EV1B ftxr42EV1B ftxr50EV1B Outdoor Units RXR28EV1B RXR42EV1B RXR50EV1B Download here Service Manual Inverter Pair Wall Mounted Type K-Series Applied Models Inverter Pair : Cooling Only Inverter. Instruction.1 Safety Precautions.2 The Single Split Duct-Free System ftxs09/12dvju.3 The Single Split Duct-Free System ftxs15/18/24dvju.4 The Slim Duct Built-in System fdxs09/12dvju termus Part 6 Service Diagnosis.
Table of Contents :.
Troubleshooting.1 Error Codes and Description.2 Indoor Unit converterware PCB Abnormality.3 Freeze-up Protection Control portable or High Pressure Control.4 Fan Motor or Related Abnormality.5 Thermistor or Related Abnormality (Indoor Unit).6 Front Panel Open / Close Fault.7 Freeze-up Protection Control.8.
Troubleshooting with LED.1 Indoor Unit.2 nero Outdoor portable Unit.
Operation Flow Chart page 285.
Outdoor Unit: 15/18/24 Class.1 Removal converterware of Outer Panels.2 Removal portable of Outdoor Fan / Fan Motor.3 Removal of Electrical Box.4 Removal of PCBs.5 Removal of Sound Blankets.6 Removal of Electronic Expansion Valve Assemblyassy.7 Removal of Four-Way Valve.8 Removal.
Unpacking and Placing the Unit.
Main Functions.1 Frequency Principle.2 Airflow Direction Control.3 Fan Speed Control for Indoor Units.4 Program Dry Function.5 Automatic Operation.6 Thermostat Control.7 night SET Mode.8 econo Mode.9 intelligent EYE.10 Inverter powerful Operation.11 Other Functions.Advertising advertising, thank you for your participation!List of Electrical and Functional Parts page 510.1 Outdoor Unit page 510.2 Indoor Side page 514.Control Specification.1 Mode Hierarchy.2 Frequency Control.3 Controls at Mode Changing / Start-up.4 Discharge Pipe Temperature Control.5 Input Current daikin Control.6 Freeze-up Protection Control.7 Heating Peak-cut Control.8 Outdoor Fan Control.9 Liquid Compression Protection Function.10 Defrost Control.11.By closing this banner, you agree to the use of cookies.List of Functions.1 Cooling Only Models.2 Heat Pump Models Part 2 Specifications.

Protection Control page 210.1 daikin heat pump service manual High Pressure Protection Control page 210.2 Low Pressure Protection Control page 211.3 Discharge Pipe Protection Control page 213.4 Inverter Protection Control page 214.5 STD Compressor Overload Protection page 216.
Heater Control (Optional PC Board KRP1B is required.) page 295.