cracker barrel peg game

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Only about 1 of the games are winning cracker ones!
The object is barrel to barrel have one barrel peg remaining; this is called a genius ending.
Move peg 12 into position.Starting Points The initial blank spot can be any one of the fifteen holes.Here are a few things to know before making your purchase that we hope will be helpful.This is how that feat is accomplished: cracker any 137, No further moves are possible!It is not cracker possible to leave more than seven pegs when starting from this position.Move peg 14 to position.There are over.3 million possible variations with only about 400,000 winning genius endings.Orders are not processed or shipped on weekends or holidays. Orders are delivered via a special freight company due to the cracker size of the package required to ship the product safely.
Fully assembled rockers cannot be expedited, and any items you wish to expedite should be placed in a separate order.
However, most (92) of the possible games best finish with two, three, or games four pegs remaining.
Move peg 2 to position.The triangular board has 15 manual holes in it, and the goal is to hop pegs over each other and into one of the holes until just one peg remains.7 Best Game for Starting Point #3 This solution is for any game where the first aprendizaje empty space is clockwise one spot from a corner.Move peg 7 to position.Move peg 10 to position.Free*. 150.01 to 200.00, free*. 200.01 to 250.00, free*. 250.01 to 300.00 Free*. 300.01 and up Free*. We at Cracker.So, ehh Its not exactly easy to memorize the technique, but were sure that once youve practiced it a dozen or so times you should be good.If you use the above boards numbers as a guide, heres the way to win:.Move peg 6 to position.Here are the overall numbers for all endings: Pegs Remaining Number of Games Percent of Total 1 85, 2 290, games 3 510, 4 233, 5 27, manual 6 1, any 1,149, Worst Game for Starting Point #4 This is somewhat better than the other worst games.Here is the exact breakdown of how many games end with a particular number of pegs remaining: There is only one worst game possible for this starting point.

Or you can just, you know, fiddle with it while youre waiting for your pancakes and try not to preoccupy yourself with winning everything, no matter how small or inconsequential.
Its not an especially competitive game, but if you want to win every single time theres actually a technique you can use.
Pegs Remaining Number of Games Percent of Total 1 1, 2 20, 3 62, 4 46, 5 5, It is possible to do poorly very poorly with this starting point.