When Monkey goes off foraging alone he gets too close to a coughing contaminated city, and a short time after his return he doubles up in agony and starts coughing up blood.
Blood-related disorders that may cause hemoptysis includes : leukemia hemophilia, the use of anticoagulants may also be responsible for hemoptysis particularly if a respiratory tract condition arises, which on its own may not be associated with hemoptysis.
After his starfighter takes severe damage, Commander Adon Fox tastes blood in his mouth from internal injuries he has suffered.Cats use the term "redcough" to refer to this phenomenon cracked (in contrast to, for example, cracked "greencough which is pneumonia).There's also a later time where Van begins coughing up blood, seemingly unprovoked, while cracked the heroes are imprisoned by blood Zaibach.Rather than a rapid onset of Tuberculosis, it turns out to be because the bad guys have started dismantling the mech he's permanently synched.In UC, after a group of bullies beat the living daylights out of Nicodemus, he begins to cough up blood.Another, earlier episode had Carter going to someone's house trying cracked to track down a patient.I did a blood burp!Happens to Takiko in Fushigi Yuugi: blood Genbu Kaiden, since she caught TB after taking care of her mother, who died of the disease. In The Matrix, bleeding from the mouth signifies severe injury (i.e., falling off a building or taking a beating from an Agent) or death within the Matrix.
When President Ronald Reagan was shot in 1981, the Secret Service agents whisking him away didn't immediately know he had been hituntil he started spitting up blood, camara whereupon the limo was diverted to the hospital.
Pretty much expected when half his power has been diminished after coughing C!Syaoran ate his left eye.
In The Simpsons episode "Brother from the Same Planet" during Homer and Tom's original fight near the end blood is dripping from Homer's mouth before he is knocked onto a fire hydrant.
In The Bucket List, Edward confirms he has cancer when he coughs up blood into a handkerchief.
A cell phone camera video taken running of her immediately after being shot received major international attention.
This is Riza Hawkeye's father's cause of death.
In the manga adaptation of IV, Fou-lu has this after his Hex Nuking and after being Back Stabbed with original an Evil Weapon by The Emperor Soniel.Later, Akira Date spits up blood after being injured by the Greeed, manual but he survives and is far less badly wounded than which Shingo was.In Moonrise a doomed Tribe cat has blood coming out of its mouth after being slammed against a wall.In Dead Sky Black Sun, Leonid coughs up blood.When Iwafune dies in Return of Kings, he has this as well.At the end of the Briggs arc when Edward is stabbed through the gut with a giant pole, he doesn't notice it at first and tries to get.Unintentional weight loss (tuberculosis or cancer).I'm sure the whole ultimate-god-like-power thing also had something to do with it, though.A strange subversion happened in a Doctor Who Eighth Doctor Adventures novel: Fitz smokes thirty a day, so it's no real surprise when he suddenly starts coughing up blood for no reason in particular.Harry gives him a couple of breaths (he probably "learned" CPR from the movies then pulls away and a stream of blood flows from the corner of Perry's mouth.Also happens to Havoc earlier in the season when November 11 kills her.About halfway through everyone starts vomiting blood all over the place as they apparently realize that better their internal organs have liquefied.In Dave Barry Slept Here, the Five Token Bands who fought World War II in movies "would learn, despite their differing backgrounds, how to trickle syrup from the corners of their mouths to indicate that they had been wounded.Phlegm, medically sputum, refers to mucus coughed up from the lower airways: voice box, windpipe, bronchi or lungs.