The author / date format is used primarily in the paper disciplines of chicago the physical, natural and social sciences (biology, chemistry, sociology, etc.).
Do not bold, underline, or otherwise decorate your title.
Number straight through from the first text page to the final bibliography page but do not count any pages after the end of the text as part of your page count.Chapter or other part of an citation edited book.If your source has no author, alphabetize by title within the authors - paper don't make a separate list.Notes also allow for supplemental explanatory text to be included in the paper at example the place it is most relevant.If citing the same work style again immediately after you've already cited it, use ibid.If using chicago endnotes, title the top of the first page as Notes in.Don't put Works Cited at the top of your bibliography - that is MLA style.View sample paper, note- This paper is written using the footnote/endnote style.Entries should be typed single-space with a blank line between each separate citation.In the bibliography, include the page range for the chapter or part.Other lines will be flushed left (this formatting is opposite paper of the bibliography). Single space each entry; double space between entries.
News or magazine article Articles from newspapers or news sites, magazines, blogs, and the like are cited similarly.
Use left-justified text, which will have a fall ragged right edge.
Citations of content shared through social media can usually be limited to the text (as in through the first example below).
Your teacher's name, course title and block, and date should be written in three lines and centered at the bottom of the page.Notes should be typed using single-space, but different notes should contain a space between them.Write out any numbers lower than 100.Sample bibliography entries follow the notes.Use Times cracks or Times New Roman 12 pt fall font for the title page.Do not put a page number on the cover page, and do not count it creare as memphis part of the total page count.If you have multiple bibliographic entries from the same author, it is acceptable to use what windows is called the 3-em dash to replace the name of the content creators.Use proper formatting for each type of source and always using a hanging indent.The Chicago Manual of Style.