Currently, the ministers without portfolio cabinet are: 23 Tanzania edit President Jakaya Kikwete appointed Professor ministers Mark Mwandosya as a minister without portfolio in 2012.
The position has cabinet also been filled on the federal or provincial level by experienced politicians near the end of their careers as a way of allowing them to counsel the government and take on projects without the burdens associated with administering a government department.
The only substantive minister without portfolio has been Frank Aiken, the Minister for the Co-ordination of Defensive Measures during india World War.However, one distinct difference is that a minister without portfolio is a member india of the council of ministers and can vote in it, whereas a state india secretary is not.Retrieved "Vajpayee reinducts Mamata Banerjee as cabinet minister without portfolio".1, bangladesh edit, bangladesh appoints ministers without portfolio during cabinet reshuffles or fresh appointments.Ministers are not usually appointed without portfolio as a coalition negotiation all long run ministers end up with a portfolio.Unlike the office of State Undersecretary to the Presidency, who fulfils duties in the Prime Minister's remit, Ministers without Portfolio enjoy the full status of ministers but do not lead an independent ministry.The practice has continued under the guise of ministers of state without responsibilities in the ministers' titles.Henrik Kauffmann, who had conducted his own foreign policy throughout the war and refused to follow orders from Copenhagen as long as Denmark remained occupied by a foreign power.377/1977 Ministers and Secretaries (Amendment) india Act, 1977 (Appointed Day) Order, 1977".Retrieved "Decreto del Presidente della Repubblica ccettazione delle dimissioni della dott.India, in total, shares land borders ministers with 6 sovereign countries.Retrieved "Appointment of Ministers and Ministers of State". Suranjit Sengupta was a minister without portfolio in Sheikh Hasina's second government.
Bangladesh, and he attended the University of service Calcutta.
He began his diplomatic mission to Burma in 1948 and later to Canada and finally to the US in 1953, he was made the Prime Minister games of Pakistan and was unanimously elected the president latest cracked of the Muslim League Party.
In the Executive Yuan of the Republic of China, there cruiser are several such ministers, at one time.
Junior ministers can be given manual a right to sit at cabinet; they are often known colloquially as "super-juniors".Government Politics of Ireland space (2nd.).9 10 Such delegation space is now done instead citation needed with Ministers of State : "junior ministers" who are not members of the government.Chaudhry Muhammad Ali, chaudhry Muhammad Ali was born on July 15, 1905 in the Indian state of Punjab.Which States Share Boundaries with Pakistan?Minister of State *Map showing the Minister of State constituencies and their Portfilo's disclaimer, close, disclaimer: All efforts have been made to make this image accurate.8 By the Emergency Powers Act 1939 then in force, the Minister for Defence was able to delegate some competences to him.He later succeeded Liaquat as the Prime Minister of Pakistan and served from October 17, 1951, until April 17, 1953.This allows the Government to circumvent the Constitutional limit on the number of Senior Ministers.Mouseover any Location on the Map and Get the Minister His/Her 's Portfolio.