Thesis, Ohio State University.
At the inlet, the liquid enters subcooled (at the lower temperature than saturation).
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G., Eds., asme, New York, Vol.
Spatial manual averaging in the mechanics of exercises heterogeneous and dispersed systems.
285C.8 MPa subcooled nucleate boiling begins.
S., and Rao,.Multiphase Flow, 28, 927941.In asme condensation Advances in Gas-Liquid Flows, asme, New York, FED- 99, 4156.Critical Power exercises Ratio Dryout In BWRs, similar phenomenon is known as dryout and it is directly associated with changes in flow pattern during evaporation in the high-quality region.Effect of uncondensable gas content on heat transfer in steam condensation exercises in a vertical tube.Hetsroni,., Mosyak,., Segal,., and Pogrebnyak,.Diffusion layer modeling for condensation in vertical tubes with noncondensable gases.Zhang,., Wang,.M., and Abdel-Khalik,.P., exercises Cumo,., boiling and Setaro,.W., and France,.