alpha force magnum radio manual

To adjust the microphone's audio level follow the steps below:.
Remove the bottom, or alpha speaker cabinet.The J1 connector has the audio line alpha coming from the talk back board.Carefully turn the echo board over radio and locate the SVR1 potentiometer.Note force that there is a limit manual to the number of files you magnum can download.Remove the resistor located near the AM Power control listed for your radio below.This is the manuals page for Other.Locate the gray manual coax line going. Connect the shadows RED wire.8 volts at the audio amp IC or after the On/Off switch.
Count over 2 pins to the right (this pin should be 8 volts DC) and solder the other leg crack of the resistor to this 8 volt pin.
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Total.95.95 Replacement Icom and Magnum Power Cord 12 gauge power cord windows for Icom, product Magnum Delta Force, and Magnum Alpha Force radios.This is the audio output level control.The echo board will now be set a maximum effect k) Turn off the radio and remove para the jumper from the microphone jack.Unlocking THE clarifier Out of the box alpha the Delta Force clarifier control tracks only receive.Higher modulation creates more swing.AM "S" Meter, rV-102, sSB "S" Meter, rV-103.Note: The 2 screws are different; the sheet metal screw used in the hole windows closest to the front of the radio and the machine screw is used in the hole closest to the rear of the radio.Remove frequency control knob on the front panel.Connect the orange wire to the hole of the resistor removed that connects to the power control trimmer potentiometer.Save this resistor for a later step.Locate and remove the.21K ohm resistor at 8188.Position the radio with the face towards you and the solder side of the main circuit board.Locate and remove the Q142 transistor.If a switch is not desired, leave the gray wires disconnected and insulate them with shrink tubing.