We partnered with Wrightsoft table over 15 years ago and can now do a acca Manual J Load Calculation in less than manual 30 minutes.
Technical support responded within an hour or two, guided me through the process, and even QCd my spreadsheet (making corrections needed).Al Gagne from, bayside Mechanical says, On our Training: "I've been manual to three of your trainings over the last 7 years and every time I go I learn something new.Integrity Comfort Solutions says, "I have used Wrightsoft since the days of monochromatic screens and the spreadsheet-only format.Steve Paxton from Air-Dynamics says, I've been using Wrightsoft since the late 80s.Wrightsofts responsiveness on the support side is what truly sets you apart. Their support staff are patient and professional.Jim Heinz, president.Mike (sales) and Donald (tech support) have been there for us for over 10 years!Mike Truitt, resnet Rater from, this Efficient House says, Hands down, the best tool for the job.I've acca attended acca several classes, been to the World Headquarters in Lexington, and even hosted training classes.Our hvac partners love the 2-line mode drawings, and the export to REM/Rate module saves me at least 2 hours per project!I've used the Right J, Right Draw modules extensively manual in the new construction markets not only for the purpose intended, but also to "value engineer" the materials selection process for my clients. As a 40 year veteran of our industry, I highly recommend this company.".
Tech support is friendly and patient, the 10 day training course was perfect for a novice user and the trainer was open and understanding - the kind that doesn't make you feel stupid and knows his stuff so well he can explain why the software.
Keep up the good work and thanks again guys.
I can't episode imagine acca doing an install without it, it's as important to us as the rest of the tools on our trucks.
The full design episode and calculation is then saved in the AutoCAD file as another layer.". I was really impressed Ive found that my questions are always answered, usually within hours, and theres never an attempt to dodge an issue.On our Software: "Wrightsofts Right-Suite Universal has helped us to turn bids around faster, especially for custom home builders.Just another loyal happy customer.Tim Kohut, manual director of Sustainable Design, National Community Renaissance says, I reached out to technical support to complete an advanced task.I can simply import the AutoCAD building plans as a layer in the program, trace to complete the load calculations and add my ducts to the design, saving me a considerable amount of time.For a standard 3,000 square foot, 4 bedroom manual route house, doing the load calculations manually would take many hours.We have used Manual J for over 30 years, but due to the time-consuming process of entering information manually, it was not done unless we had a consumer complaint. .Learning curve is simplified by utilizing the familiar tools tabs already within RSU, and yet with lots of bells and whistles for rainy day exploration and further fine tuning of design presentation.Public Service Company in Oklahoma's "Good Cents" program required an acca Manual J load calculation and acca Manual D duct design to qualify as a "Good Cents" structure.