Aastra 9116LP 9116LP User Guide - Page.
Lift the model handset model or manual press Q.
Names and manual numbers can aastra be manually entered into the Directory using the keypad manual or XX items.As the telephone is aastra shipped.Aastra 9116LP 9116LP User Guide - Page 9 line.Along with this user guide and the feature card, the following items are included with your telephone. Telephone company, Caller ID information is sent from the razor telephone company to your 9116LP raul telephone between the rst and second ring.
Displays the last number dialed out on repair the telephone.
Telephone stand, regulatory sheetPower adaptor, number card and plastic lens, the power adaptor is 9V DC, 300mA - raul please see the regulatory sheet for safety instruc- tions regarding the power adaptor and operation of the telephone.
For information on installation using PBX Mount If you plan to mount the telephone on the wall, you do not need.It is recommended that you use a wall- card in the slot.Aastra 9116LP 9116LP User guide Guide - Page 22 feature and light turn on or off.Aastra 9116LP 9116LP User Guide - Page 20 access, you can save the feature codes of telephone company services in your memory keys.This guide official contains operating information for your 9116LP.Emergency Service Feature, the Model 9116LP will provide most basic aastra telephone service features in the event of a power failure.Without lifting the handset, make a call.The ringer volume can be set indicator light double ashes.Press A, the display will briey indicate NO calls.