You have Longbeards edition dwarf with great weapons?
The command units basically only give bonusses in close combat and are army therefore not really necessary as a) the champion doesn't have a better BS but an additional attack, b) both weapons are move-or-fire so the musician's main benefit for shooting units - the swift.
Take edition these guys as your general core as crossbows will dwarf generally outrange all other armies at range 30 and great weapons will still allow them to hit any kind of army anti archer unit and come army out smiling.For 14 points, you get a warrior of chaos stat line (barring less initiative) and a 75-point runic banner allowance.Anvil Guards also have 2 attacks in close combat with WS5.But of course it also means that everything with a 2 ward save against flaming attacks will laugh you in the face.How to play.Having a third of all damage blocked in combat is amazing.Also gives your cannons and grudge throwers free artillery die re-rolls which can save your ass many times over. All in all Rangers can be a little more valuable, since you can get five at minolta 14pts a piece and they can be deployed at a strategic position to deny it your manual enemy Scouts and Vanguard in 12 which can be crucial.
Bugman's Rangers : If you field Josef Bugman, one of your Rangers units is eligible to become Bugman's Rangers and Josef has to join the unit and cannot leave.
Almost mandatory on Cannons and arguably Organ guns.
Always put him on Shieldbearers.
Quarrellers and Veteran, thunderers and Veteran, longbeards and Old Guard.
Resolute: 1 Strength on the charge.Rare Units edit Rangers: Sadly the days of scouting hordes are over.Two of these plus the Master Rune of Swiftness pretty much guarantee you'll drop any monsters/Toughness 5 characters stupid enough to attack your Dwarf.Take a rune of accuracy and penetrating for keygen 65 points to get str 4, re-rolling to hit, bully blasts, a bit more expensive now but still worth that Ironbreaker/Hammerer unit you traded for.Epic rune that ignores the rule of pride (e.g can take it on each manual of my studio thanes the only reason you won't take this on everyone is if you used up your full points allowance elsewhere.The 4 cannons are really good both ways.Always put your Lord on one of these!Field something like 30 manual in at least 5 ranks, they can take a lot of punches.They make for good war machine hunters or harassing enemy units with their steam cannon, especially some pesky waywatchers or similar hiding behind cover.Awesome, there's almost never a reason for not being able to fit this in your armour somewhere.Ironbreakers: Your two main elite fighting units.You don't have cavalry, war beasts, monstrous units, monsters, swarms, you don't even have cheap chaff or skirmishers!

Otherwise you paid 50pts for making your attacks magic.
A good banner if you didn't want to put the Master Rune of Groth One-Eye on that unit of Hammerers.
Take as many Irondrakes as possible, they will melt those Chaos Warriors and even the occasional Knight right down 8th edition dwarf army book pdf like butter.