2010 nissan altima hybrid manual

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When parking, be sure to manual place the altima shift selector in the P (Park) position. .
Therefore, you may find some information that hybrid does not apply to your vehicle.
Follow these important driving rules to help ensure a safe and comfortable trip for you and your passengers! Avoid abrupt acceleration and deceleration.Foreword read firstthen drive safely This manual includes information for all options available on hybrid this model. .If dis- posed nissan of improperly, it is hazardous to the environment and there is a risk of severe burns and electrical shock that may result in serious injury or death.Important information about this manual You will see various symbols in this manual. .Leaving the transmission in the N (Neu- tral) position for an extended period of time may discharge the high voltage hybrid battery. .Do not load large amounts of water in open containers (aquariums or buck- ets) into the vehicle. .Without exception, all documents available on our website have been fully tested for the absence of malicious content and are completely safe for downloading and viewing.High voltage harnesses.On a 2010 Nissa. Slip Light, what does (VDC off )means when simpson the light comes on and also the (slip) light came.
While driv- ing, place the shift selector in the D (Drive) position.
To avoid or manuale reduce the risk, the procedures must be followed precisely.
LHV0004 LHV0006 HEV-10 HEV Overview caution Do not load large amounts of water in open containers rebel (aquariums or buckets) into passat the vehicle. .
The vehicle cannot run if the high manual voltage gear battery is discharged. .
Touching, disassem- bling, removing or replacing those parts and cables can cause severe canon burns or electric shock that may result in serious injury or death.High voltage cables are orange. .Check to see if there are exposed high voltage parts and cables. .This displays the vehi- cles average fuel consumption and regenerative electric power at 5 minute intervals.HL32-D, printing : September 2009 (05 publication.: OM0E-HL32U0.Caution If the vehicle is parked for a long time, the high voltage battery will discharge gradually. .